There are 4 types of aging

There are 4 types of aging

Michael Snyder, a geneticist, and his team of scientists at Stanford University are researching the reasons why we age. He uses biotechnical methods to study the human body and found astonishing results. There are 4 factors that are decisive for our aging process:

  • Immune system
  • Liver
  • Kidney
  • Metabolism

The earlier we know our ageing type, the more effectively we can counteract it. During an initially holistic research project, Snyder focused on 43 volunteers between the ages of 29 and 75 and analysed the changes in their genes, microorganisms, metabolism and blood over a period of years.

Snyder and his team were able to detect changes in the immune system and draw conclusions about inflammation in the body. If you compare the body to a car, it means that we have to counteract signs of ageing early on in order to have a perfectly functioning machine.

We can now diagnose early precursors of possible diabetes by detecting a haemoglobin in the blood.

Our body is our temple, and we should take care of it. Snyder proves in his study that a healthy lifestyle is a basic requirement for preventive ageing. Test persons who made positive changes to their lifestyle during this time by changing their diet and integrating sport into their daily routine were able to reduce their biological age.

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