About Us

We are not depending on hearsay but on solid scientific evidence. Some ingredients come from years of intense research in our laboratory and some were selected from famous study results of top universities around the world. Our combination is unique!
At Helomere we are dedicated to learn from the best! May it be from top scientist or from top performers in nature. Inspired and amazed by the Greenland Shark and it‘s ability to live up to 600 years we have spent years in the lab to pin down his secret of ageing. Today we are proud to have found a way to produce a formulation in our lab which could be based on longevity of the Greenland Shark. No Greenland Shark had to die for our product. (The Greenland Shark revealed his secret without any compensation. We therefore would like to donate part of our revenues to the ocean and shark’s protection around the world.)


In today’s society, there are more people who are looking for ways to live longer. We want to enjoy our lives more and do everything we can to slow down time. One way that has become especially popular among millennials is using anti-aging products like supplements, such as NMN, resveratrol or curcumin.


After years of disappointing experiences with so called anti-aging substances, I am amazed by Longenic. I have a background in medical technologies while open to the effect of natural products. However, I am tired of superficial claims of products where the desire is the basic idea.